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How to enter into a Canadian college

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Study Permits

A Study Permit is issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada allowing a foreign individual to study in Canada for a limited time, generally at a specific Canadian educational institution and in a specific program. It is possible to change the school at which the student will be studying, but this requires the permission of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

A Study Permit will generally be issued if an applicant has received an acceptance letter from a qualified Canadian educational institution, and possesses sufficient funds to pay for tuition and living costs. In some cases, applicants will be required to complete medical examination and provide police.

If a student is from a country where a visitor visa is required to enter Canada like Sri Lanka, they will also be required to obtain a Temporary Residence Visa (available at the same time as the Study Permit).

If an applicant wishes to study in the Province of Quebec, they will also require approval from immigration authorities of the Government of Quebec.

Working in Canada as an International Student

Students are required to show that they (or their parents) have sufficient money to live while studying in Canada. Generally, a student may be able to work in Canada for 20 hours a week, during the scholastic year, and full time during school holidays. It is necessary for the student to obtain a work permit to working off-campus, but this is available for most students. Spouses of international students are usually able to obtain a work permit while their partner studies in Canada.

Working after Graduation

Graduation from a post secondary institution (where the student has studied for a minimum of two years), international students are able to obtain a three year work permit. If the graduating students work for 12 months in a skilled job or management position, they are able to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa under the Canadian Experience Class and eventually to become a proud citizen of Canada.

School Students

Many students come to Canada to attend primary and secondary school ( Grade 1 -12 ). The requirements are the same as for any other foreign students, with the added requirement that they must have either a local guardian to take care of them (often a relative or close friend), or must accompanied by a parent.