Quebec Immigration to Announce Significant Changes to Popular Programs

The Quebec immigration department is set to announce significant changes to a number of its programs, including the Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW), the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) and the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ).

An announcement on March 28 will detail a swathe of changes due to come into effect on August 1.

The QSW changes centre around the job offer and stay in Quebec sections of the points grid. There are currently up to 10 points available for a job offer and up to 5 for a stay in Quebec. The previously-announced cap of 5,000 applications will not be honoured.

Under the QIIP, the investment threshold is set to rise from $800,000 to $1.2 million. Candidates will also need a legally-acquired net worth of $2 million instead of the current $1.6 million. The revised program is set come into effect in August 2018.

QIIP Existing Requirements

  • Legally acquired personal net worth of $1.6 million;
  • Two years of suitable management or business experience within the five years preceding the application;
  • Investment of $800,000 into a passive government guaranteed investment for a period of five years bearing no interest;
  • Intend to settle in the province of Quebec.

The PEQ changes will see applicants on a spousal open work permit to become eligible. The program is also set to be expanded to include employment at National Occupational Classifications C and D.

There are also plans to launch new programs aimed at entrepreneurs and self-employed persons.

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