Dr. Lionel Samayawardhena

Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), A member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC), an Attorney at Law, specialized in Canadian immigration regulations. Lionel is the Executive Director of our Immigration Services to Canada.

Lionel graduated from University of Colombo with BSc. (Hons) and obtained his PhD from University of Sheffield, England. He was a former research Scientist from top class Canadian Universities: Queens University ON, Canada and University of British Columbia, BC, Canada. Lionel also worked as a Lecturer and a Senior Lecturer in Universities of Colombo and Ruhuna in Sri Lanka.

 Dr Lionel Samayawardhena, as the Managing Director of Canada Gateway Private Limited, is responsible for the leadership of the company. Lionel’s key role is to steer the company to the most profitable direction while also implementing its vision, mission and long-term goals. Lionel’s skill set represents strong crisis management skills and leading the company towards fulfilling its short-term and long-term objectives within the team environment represents.

Lionel is currently leading and managing our Canadian mother company SERENDIB CONSULTANTS CANADA INC as well as Asian regional extensions of CANADA GATEWAY PRIVATE LIMITED (Sri Lanka) on business focused on TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS

As the managing director, Lionel presently uses his experience in the market segments in Sri Lanka, the UK, Canada and Asian region. With a wealth of global experience, acquired skills set, engagements in innovative IT projects (commercial and fundamental) Lionel is currently moving to a bigger innovation in digitation market in Telco companies in the Asian region including: Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh and Middle East. To date Canada Gateway Private Limited has acquired Rs 500-700 Million worth INNOVATION BUSINESS deals with Sri Lankan and Asian markets with Telecom giants.

More than five years ago, Lionel started his Canadian enterprise in Innovative IT solutions for the needy market segment in Canada and in the rest of the world. The projects, the company “Serendib Consultants” undertook included development of management protocols for leading telco companies and myriad of other IT related projects and innovative solutions. To achieve these goals, Lionel utilized his experience in Canada, UK and Sri Lanka along with his educational background in IT.

Prior to becoming and engaging in IT innovations Lionel worked (and currently working) as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, a member of the professional body in Canada ICCRC. While achieving the membership, Lionel has gained academic and industry experience in Canadian immigration law and its applications. Lionel’s strong background in law and Canadian culture has helped him to reach this career goal. Lionel is also an Attorney at Law in Sri Lanka and has a good practice in corporate law. Lionel is also working as a legal consultant as well as a free legal expert for many customers. From these legal work, Lionel is currently drawing a good monthly income.

While living in Canada Lionel served for two Canadian leading universities: Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada & The University of British Columbia, Vancouver B.C. Canada. In both the universities, Lionel embarked in an academic and research role in Molecular Biology, finding Molecular Therapeutic targets in Cancer research area. Lionel considered the training and experience acquired through nine years of academic life as a Research Scientist helped him many ways to dissect future entrepreneurial engagements. Lionel also is a significant contributor of several leading scientific publications.

Before moving to Canada as a researcher and as an academic Lionel served as a senior lecturer to the Department of Zoology, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka. In his role as a university of academic Lionel managed a research training lab and have contributed for the dissemination of science knowledge to produce post graduates. Lionel’s post graduate students have been absorbed as academic leaders in the same university or in other universities in Sri Lanka.

Prior to embarking on an academic role, Lionel studied at the University of Sheffield, reading his PhD in Molecular Biology and graduating successfully. Lionel believes the career progression and training during studies in PhD degree, changed his understanding level, gave him opportunity to acquire skills and changed Lionel’s thinking pattern to become more mature as well as into an analytical perspective. Lionel is currently using these skills in mastering his business management.

Foundation for the PhD studies in the UK was his primary university education in the university of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Lionel graduated from the University of Colombo with honors degree is Bachelor of Science specializing in Environmental Science. During and after the first-degree Lionel engaged in field-oriented research and acquired skills need to pursue career development.

One significant achievement Lionel possess is his Lawyer (Attorney at Law) qualification. Lionel graduated from the Sri Lanka Law College as a Lawyer and started his practice in criminal Law. Yet his long-term motivation to become a scientist engulfed him moving to a science career later, leaving Law studies at a low ebb. Nevertheless, Lionel continued his passion in law, and up to date, Lionel has achieved in Law as much as he has achieved in his career in science.

To date our company has secured a good business relationship with Telecom Giant in Sri Lanka hence we have been quoted by the company as preferred service provider. So far our company invested a significant amount of revenue in selling our products to Telecom as well as convincing the top management. We have invested a significant amount of revenue for the completion of the IT/software development, R&D and integration of IT platforms with Telecom.

  • PhD, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Attorney at Law and Notary Public, The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka
  • Dip in HRM, Wigan & Leigh College, UK
  • BSc (Hons), University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Diploma in Business IT, London Business College, Colombo
  • Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (professional member), ICCRC, Toronto, Canada

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