Ashami Tharika

Personnel in Information Technology development loop of the company delivering required efficiency and technology. Ashami has brought previous experience in IT in the field of immigration and enhanced presentation skills of the company. Ashami is currently focusing on mastering methods of presentation of the company to outside market, potential clients and to enhance business activities. Her current role will include, but not be limited to planning, organizing, designing and implementing IT solutions and content with a focus on design; collaborating with other departments, develop knowledge sharing relationship with internal and external clients; create and maintain, in conjunction with other departments/ resources and to create products. Ashami’s current focus is results-oriented and driven to succeed with strong technical and administrative skills. She enjoys working in a teamworking atmosphere and so far, is successful in a growing team. Ashami is currently focusing on delivering excellent communication and organizational skills, to provide excellence in IT services, and build effective working relationships. Ashami is initiative and self-motivated character appreciated by the group.